ordinary veggies made extraordinary


It's Art. It's Science. It's investing in our Health & Well-being.

Watching our veggies evolve into bubbling, fermented goodness is a reminder that we always have the power to transform. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our PASSION and LOVE with you. Don't be surprised to find a creative, positive affirmation attached to your jar of Vibrant Veggies. What we THINK is as important as what we EAT.

You can find our creations for sale in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs & Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as at markets in Southwest Nebraska and Utah. If you are interested in carrying Vibrant Veggies, please send us a message. We are also able to ship on special request. 

what's not to love

What are Vibrant Veggies?  Vibrant Veggies are fermented veggies. They are ordinary veggies made extraordinary! We make our veggies using a time-tested, traditional fermenting process, but with a MODERN twist to create veggies that are slightly crunchy and boldly-flavored. 

Why eat fermented veggies?  Fermented veggies are PROBIOTIC-rich, delicious and made from nutritious vegetables! Vibrant Veggies are an easy way to add flavor and nutrition to every meal.

How are Vibrant Veggies made?  First we blend raw + ORGANIC cabbage with bold spice mixes & unrefined sea salt.  The veggies are then allowed to sit in large stainless steel vats where they ferment. This process is the result of friendly, naturally occurring probiotics -- a bacteria family called lactobacillus -- which work to soften and ferment the veggies. The result is a bold-flavored + tangy fancy sauerKRAUT.

How do I eat Vibrant Veggies?  We love them with everything! They pair perfectly with rice + beans & add zip to a salad. Use them to top tacos or sandwiches. Best of all, you can eat these veggies straight out of the jar because they are so DELICIOUS

10 Ways to eat Vibrant Veggies

1. Eat VV's Roasted Green Chile kraut straight out of the jar with tortilla chips.

2. Moroccan Fusion kraut alongside an egg scramble with homemade pesto.

3. Our curry kraut complements homemade pizza wonderfully.

4. Lemon Ginger is great with a quinoa & roasted veggie dish.

5. Roasted Green Chile kraut with cheese and crackers + red wine for dinner.

6. Moroccan Fusion on eggs and tortillas for breakfast.

7. Lemon Ginger is delicious on top of a salad or soup for lunch.

8. Vindaloo Curry is perfect with tempeh or tortilla chips straight out of the jar. 

9. Lentils cooked with spinach and tomatoes, topped with Moroccan Fusion kraut.

10. Tofu or Chicken grilled, then topped with Vindaloo Curry.