Vibrant Veggies was founded by a registered nurse and a scientist who love health and wellness.

Vanessa, Vibrant Veggies' co-founder and owner is a triathlete and scientist who loves encouraging wellness in people through activity, food, good habits and delicious food. Her background in biology means she loves learning about the science behind our kraut. When she is not in the kitchen, she enjoys being outdoors, working in her garden (which is one big science experiment) and playing with her shelter dog, Maggie.

Vibrant Veggies' was also co-founded by a registered nurse. She saw first-hand that the road to health lies not in a handful of pills, but rather is at our very fingertips - a culmination of our daily decisions. She ventured into the food business as a way to share true health with the world. Her prescription pad to all of her patients and to herself looks like this: Eat fresh, organic, nourishing foods often; Indulge sometimes; Move everyday; Lift something heavy frequently; Breathe mindfully; Adopt a rescue dog; Bask in the sun; Keep your thoughts positive; Work and play equally hard; Appreciate your loved ones & Express gratitude everyday!!