Vibrant Veggies was created under the premise that everyone deserves VIBRANT health.

We aspire to share RAW, ORGANIC, NOURISHING foods with people everywhere. A few things that are important to our business: WHOLESOME, organic, DELICIOUS food. Doing things that we LOVE and that make us HAPPY. Positive affirmations. GIVING back. Creating HEALING foods serves as an opportunity for us to encourage others to live VIBRANTLY.

Vibrant Veggies is INTENTIONAL and as conscious as possible in everyday decision making. We figure if we have to choose, might as well make the best choice we can with the information we have. Everything from: organic + local produce. Organic spices. Packaging our products in made-in-the-usa, RECYCLED glass jars. Stainless steel vats for the highest quality fermentation process. Giving back to our COMMUNITY through donations.

We are committed to creating a business with a HIGHER CAUSE that will both sustain us and this planet that we all share.

Lastly, we seal our jars of kraut with POSITIVE affirmations because we believe that they UPLIFT and nourish our bodies and hearts. ENJOY and please let us know what you think!