Why oh Why Organic?

The last couple of weeks I've heared people mourning the coming of Fall and lament that Summer has passed them by. 'Where did the time go?' 'I didn't get to enjoy Summer yet.'

From my perspective I'd like to say that this Summer has been amazing and fruitful on so many fronts. Working out of my garden has given me such perspective and gratitude for what our organic farmers do so well. When my broccoli was eaten by mites (I got one good head before those white fuzzy bugs ate the rest) and the corn by the birds and then the cucumbers succumbed to an illness that I still haven't been able to diagnose, it really struck me how scientific and prepared and creative organic farmers must be.

Here at Vibrant Veggies we source only organic ingredients because we know that it is not only more nutritious for our bodies, not only tastes better and looks more beautiful, but because it also supports the land and those that work this land. When we get down to it, nobody wants to feed their child pesticides and noone wants their loved one, neighbor or the waterways and wildlife to suffer from the consequences of close contact with pesticides. It just doesn't make sense.

So the choice to be organic is a clear one. One that supports VV's mission and I have to believe, yours too. Studies have shown that organically grown food is more nutritious, contains more antioxidants (known protectors of our cells), tastes better and very importantly supports your hard-working, local farmer. 

My green thumb wasn't all yellow this season- we did reap a bounty of beautiful heirloom tomatoes, and enough chard, kale and spinach to give away by the bags-full. I also picked enough weeds to fill a dumpster. But as I wipe my brow and sit down to a delicious meal prepared with the fruits of my labor, I can't help but smile at the coming of Fall. Afterall there's squash, pumpkin, kale, mixed greens, carrots......

Buen Provecho!

Lorissa, co-creator @ Vibrant Veggies


Heirloom tomato bounty

Chihuahuas Win the Vote!

We are so happy to announce that after the votes were tallied Vibrant Veggies made a donation to local animal-loving organization: Small Dog & Chihuahua Rescue. Thank you to our customers for sharing the love and sharing your vote. 

Better believe it: Give more than you think you can; the outcome might surprise you. 

On a related note, here's reason to make sure your puppy is eating kraut right alongside you.

Cultured foods: Good for you & your pet

Cultured foods: Good for you & your pet

We look forward to more opportunities to give in the future. In the meantime, we're headed back to the kitchen. We have a fun announcement coming later this month. Stay tuned!



Final Vote Countdown!

Vibrant Veggies is ready to help more dogs in need like Chica Bean- who clearly is feeling much better eating her kraut! Please vote for one awesome local organization below. We'll be making a donation to the winner. (So far the chihuahuas have pushed to the lead!) Leave your vote in the comments section here or at https://www.facebook.com/vibrantveggies

A) Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue (animal rescue- Colorado Springs)

B) Boulder Humane Society (animal shelter- Boulder)

C) Buddy's Builders (builds and gives away dog houses- Golden)