Sussing Out the Fuss Over Fermentation

You probably get it by now. We do veggies. And not just ordinary veggies. Extraordinary. But why the 'extra?' We certainly aren't doing anything innovate or new or novel. But we are taking ancient history and giving it a modern twist. Our gourmet krauts are flavored with seriously fun & unique flavors.

Cultures have been fermenting foods for thousands of years. Really? Yep. You may or may not know it, but you probably eat at least one fermented food every day. Maybe five. 

How about these for starters:











-soy products

So what's the fuss about fermentation? Well, it's a powerful way to 1) preserve food 2) add diverse bacteria to your gut 3) based on #2, strengthen your immune system by creating an inner ecosystem that favors beneficial bacteria over pathogens & 4) increase the flavor of food immensely.

Vibrant Veggies uses a process that is sometimes referred to as  'wild fermentation.' This process uses the naturally occurring bacteria on the produce (cabbage, carrots, peppers, etc) to start a cascading evolutionary process of favoring the healthy, good bacteria while at the same time pushing out the pathogens. Science is so freakin' cool! 

And voila- a delicious jar of boldly-flavored sauerkraut, going by the name Vibrant Veggies, lovingly packaged and sealed with a positive affirmation, to be placed in your shopping cart alongside the yogurt, kombucha, chocolate, bread & coffee on your list. Time-tested and sassed up with bold flavors.

We must take this moment to honor the super diverse and microscopic culture of life that graciously contributes to our happy guts and satisfied palates.





Found in a box of groceries I brought home last week. Apparently a fellow shopper understands the value of fermentation also.