Rockin' Moroccan

Infused with fresh lime juice and a blend of organic spices, our Moroccan Fusion kraut is one-of-a-kind. We’re told it’s powerful enough to take your taste buds on their very own journey. Just what's inside? 

Ground cinnamon for starters. Excellent for regulating blood sugar levels. Also high in trace minerals such as manganese. A dash of cinnamon seems to make most things a little better. 

Ground cloves  are a warm and aromatic addition to the Moroccan spice mix. Cloves have traditionally been used in everything from soaps to cigarettes. We most appreciate them in this super-spiced kraut. 

Turmeric completes the mix nicely for the perfect blend of sweet and savory. We've touted the benefits of turmeric here before (also highlighted in our Vindaloo Curry kraut). But we really can't speak enough about this powerful anti-inflammatory. Plus it gives cabbage a bright yellow-orange hue: bonus!

These spices, along with a handful of others, are allowed to marinade with organic lime juice and green cabbage during the fermentation process. The result is a blast of flavorful cabbage- great as an addition to a sandwich, a salad or alongside your favorite protein. Check out this reuben sandwich by Happy. Healthy. Life. Top it off with Moroccan Fusion kraut for a truly rockin’ culinary experience!