Ferment Yourself

We love new beginnings here at Vibrant Veggies. It’s one of the best parts of watching our fresh, organic veggies evolve into bubbling, fermented sauerkraut blends. Crafting fermented veggies has been ripe with lessons this past year. Because our veggies’ true potential is reached only after many stages of transformation we have the pleasure of witnessing and embracing a microcosm of change on a regular basis. The truth is that without these changes we wouldn't have such a delicious and nutritious product!

The art of fermentation reminds us that in life there are new possibilities around every corner and that recreating ourselves may come with a lot of fun- and at times- stinky layers in between. Like the time-tested succession of fermentation, our goals may require many transformations in order to come to fruition.

Some changes are more beautiful than others, but like the mold that turns to cheese, mash to whiskey or cabbage to kraut, our goals and dreams may simply require a little more time to simmer, to ferment. Keep your eye on the prize and remember that the many stages of change are essential to reach our end goal.

2015 is the year of kraut. Quite literally- fermented foods are topping the best foods lists everywhere. So make this a year of new beginnings and transformation. Dig into a jar of Vibrant Veggies' kraut, start your resolution-making and watch your life transform!

Buen provecho & Feliz Año Nuevo!

~Vibrant Veggies’ team


Psychobiotic Bacteria

Wait. Before you go thinking that VV has started up a whole new line of business, hear us out. New research is finding specific links in the gut-brain connection. That connection is way more scientific than we can delve into in this humble blog, but the thinking is that the gut has specific pathways to the brain. 

Scientists are quoted as saying that consuming certain probiotics and probiotic-rich foods can be linked to improved mood and reduced stress and anxiety, thus earning these powerful bacteria the name "psychobiotic bacteria."

For the complete story, check it out here:

Let your food be your medicine folks. 

Eat up,